AS 423/40 – Outside Tilting Double Mitre Saw 45-90

Product Properties

Double Mitre Saw with 500 mm sawblades; customized for aluminium profiles.
Second head moving on linear guides via rack&pinion and servo drives.
Both heads tilting outside 45 and 90 degrees pneumatically and all in between degrees are adjusted manually.
Thanks to the fixed roller conveyor mounted on the secondary head and the manual supports, the profiles are placed on the machine easily and cut perfectly.

Machine Dimensions

Net dimension: 5.350 X 1.900 X 1.815 mm.
Packing dimension: 5.770 X 2.150 X 1.600 mm.
Weight: 1.800 Kgs.

Profile Machining Software

The machine is controlled via PLC and a touch panel of 10.2″.
The cutting dimension and the cutting degrees are entered to the machine by using this controller interface that is available in 8 different languages.
It is possible to enter a cutting-list to the machine manually or it is also possible to load cutting-lists via USB drive or LAN connection.
In this way the machine can import any data from any window production software.
Thanks to the INO’s dedicated software, the machine can read all kinds of .csv or .txt files and produce labels for each cut piece.
Then those labels are read by the barcode reader of the CNC machining center and all the routing operations are identified without using any drawing software.

Machining Dimensions

The machine’s net cutting length is 4.000 mm., with software support it is possible to cut up to 8.000 mm. Sawblade size: 500 mm. Net cutting height is 380 mm, net cutting width is 130 mm. It is possible to cut 2 frame profiles each 70 mm at a time by placing them in reverse position. Minimum cut in 90 degrees with both heads at the same time: 220 mm.
Minimum cut in 45 degrees with both heads at the same time – for 60 mm of profile height: 340 mm.
Minimum cut in 45 degrees with short piece cutting support – for 60 mm of profile height: 140 mm.

Main Body

Electrowelded steel structure normalized with thermal treatment.
The main body of the machine is processed in 5 Axis CNC Steel Machining Center.
All the body is painted with powder coating.
Mostly all the mechanical pieces are die-casted and machined in our own CNC machining centers.
During the design period our design team prioritize the operators’ ease of use and ergonomy of the machines in the first place.
We don’t only use steel and aluminium in the mechanical structure; but we also use fiberglass casted pieces to decrease the weight of the machining bridge and give the machine a more esthetic look.


3,0 kW 2.800 rpm sawblade motors.

Electrical Box and Controller Terminal

The electrics box is welded on the beginning of the machine body.
The controller terminal is also connected on the machine and it is movable according to the ease of use.
The operator can reach all the buttons, the touchpanel and place the profile by standing close to the controller terminal.

Axis features

The second head is moving on linear guides with rack&pinion and servo motor with reducer to maintain 0.1 mm accuracy.

Standard Equipment

2 pieces 500 mm sawblades.
Automatically moving safety covers.
45-90 pneumatically inside tilting cutting heads.
2 pieces horizontal profile clamping pistons.
Manual support 1 piece.
Extended cut for cutting longer than 4 meter profiles.
roller conveyor on the movable head.
10.2” TouchPanel HMI.
Pulse spray mist coolant system.
Cut-list programming manually.
Data import via USB

Optional Accessories

Automatic profile height measurement system.
2 pieces vertical clamping pistons.
Air-conditioning unit.
Automatic feed cutting for corner cleats.
Roller conveyor on the left hand side of the machine.
15.6” TouchPanel PC controller.
Label Printer.
Importing data from window manufacturing software.
LAN connection for data import.

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