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MES 1500 Electronic Measurement System

MES 1500 Electronic Measurement System

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Measuring Systems

Measurement accuracy is critical when using profile cutting machines. Even the slightest mistake during cutting will damage the project. With the measuring systems used to cut to the right size, it is possible to achieve perfect results in profile cutting. With the electronic measuring systems added to the cutting machines, cuts carried out with high precision. In fed systems, cutting processes proceed much faster. Another advantage of measuringsystems is that they have practical solutions for printing barcodes. After cutting the profiles, the operator can print barcodes on the profiles using the barcode printer if desired. Thanks to special software that can print barcodes by reading data from the cutting list, time saving and productivity increase in enterprises.

Automatic Measuring Systems for Profile Cutting Machines

Profile cutting works have an important place in the manufacturing sector. It is necessary to make profile cutting for processing various metals and other materials, mainly aluminum. The fact that aluminum is an easy-to-process metal increases its use in manufacturing processes. It is also necessary to make profile cutting on PVC, wood, composite panel and similar surfaces. As the degree of precision increases in these processes, the quality of work increases. Incorrect measurements cause the workpiece not to look the way you want it to. Cutting dimensions that are not suitable for the project create cost loss for the enterprise. Automatic measuring systems that prevent such situations used in many areas in the manufacturing sector. Digital measuring systems with more advanced solutions perform positioning with the lowest tolerance.

Measuring systems usually operate on a support system that moves in one axis. PLC control system, profile feed, belt transfer system and touch screen are common components of these systems. As a matter of fact, PLC control system is a microcomputer system that processes the information given by the sensors according to special programs. These systems, which have a higher precision than relay control systems, make it possible to perform profile cutting with the lowest tolerance. However, the system must automatically go to the desired size. This achieved with the belt transmission system. Thanks to special bearing technology, this period is a very short time. The operator enters the cutting dimensions manually if desired. Or data transfer is possible via cable, USB or Wi-Fi. It is possible to use the same methods for data transfer on part number, length measurements and quantities.

In measuring systems it is important to protect profiles from scratching. Especially in the case of aluminum anodized profiles, the probability of scratching increases. For this reason, rolls in measuring systems should not scratch. In these machines, a twisted body from sheet metal often used to keep the weight low. Measuring systems that offer practical solutions for different cutting lengths ensure that manual cutting machines work just like automatic cutting machines under suitable conditions. Models driven with a rack gear or pinion are more successful in terms of speed and ease of use.

Latest Technologies in Measurement Systems

There are many different alternatives on the market for automatic measuring systems for cutting machines. The differences between these alternatives are closely related to the technologies they use. As Ino Makine, we have met the CNC machine needs of countless enterprises since 2010. We have always strived to offer the latest technologies to our users. We have acted with the same awareness about digital measurement systems. Thus, we have ensured that the standards have increased in this field as well. Enterprises that want to increase capacity in production have achieved results above their expectations with Ino Machine solutions.

If you need a good measuring system for your profile cutting machine, you can meet this need with the assurance of Ino Makine. Our measuring system, which moves on belt transfer with high precision with the help of servo motor and servo drive, has aluminum sigma modulated transfer system. The digital resting system we use provides the opportunity to make fast and precise cuts in the profile cutting machines to which it added. You can use the touch screen or other data transfer methods to enter the length measurements of the parts to be cut into the system. When you want to take a break from cutting, you can do it with a single button. This product, which offers automatic drive cutting by synchronous connection with a saw, is distinguished from its counterparts with advanced profile processing software. The most practical solutions for printing barcodes are also at your fingertips.