MES 1500 – Electronic Measurement System


Digital Measurement System

Our Digital Measurement System has a positioning system working with a servo motor. This equipment has a working tolerance of 0.1 mm and can be adapted to all kinds of single miter saws, double miter saws, and similar cutting machines. Thanks to the 10.2” TouchPanel and the plc, all window production software can be used on this equipment. The data is transferred via USB or LAN, or wifi connection. The user cannot only follow up the production over the cutting list that is displayed on the touch panel but also can print the labels for the cut pieces. Ino Machinery produces accurate and precise machines for the “aluminum industry.”

Product Properties

Length stop with the stopper moving according to the length values inserted from the computer.
Net cutting length of 3.000 mm.
PLC controlled + 7 TFT-LCD Touchpanel.
The stopper is moving with servo motor, moving on belt module to maintain accuracy of 0.2 mm.
Profile moves on anodized aluminium rollers that prevent the profile from the scratches.

Machine Dimensions

Net dimension: 3.500 X 400 X 900 mm.
Packing dimension 3.600 X 600 X 1.000 mm.
Weight: 100 Kgs.

Profile Machining Software

It is possible to import cutting list and produce labels for each cut piece.

Machining Dimensions

3 differenet cutting sizes: 3.000 mm. / 4.500 mm. / 6.000 mm.


The stopper is moving with servo motor on linear guides.
In standard the motor is connected to a belt drive; optionally it is possible to book the machine with a rack and pinion version.

Electrical Box and Controller Terminal

The electrics box is welded at the back of the machine body.
The controller terminal is also connected on the machine.
The operator can reach all the buttons, and the profile from the same place he stands.

Standard Equipment

Feeding the profile from left hand side.
7 HMI touchpanel with PLC controller.
Anodized rollers for preventing the profiles from scratches.

Optional Accessories

Rack and pinion drive.
Feeding the profile from right hand side.
10″ HMI. 16 HMI. 15.6 TouchPnale PC and Windows10 interface.
Data transfer via USB. Wi-Fi connection for data transfer.
LAN connection.
Pusher-feeder option for automatic cuts.

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