Privacy Policy

    Within the scope of the law, your name-surname, e-mail address, telephone number etc. that you have shared via the contact form on this site. It is considered as Personal Data.

    Purposes of Processing Personal Data

    In line with your request for the personal data shared by our visitors, in accordance with the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, promotion, marketing, telephone, text message and electronic mail to reach you; telephone call center fax automatic calling machines intelligent voice recorder systems, electronic mail short message service through your contact addresses in order to send commercial electronic messages with data, sound and video content for commercial purposes such as taking administrative and technical measures required by the Law and the content of electronic messages and other records are recorded to be submitted to the relevant public institutions within the framework of the relevant legislation and stored.

    Precautions for Protection of Personal Data

    Your personal data will be stored in electronic and/or physical environments. Your personal data provided and stored by our Company will be stored and processed with the necessary security measures in the environments where they are stored, during the legal retention period or, if such a period is not foreseen, for the period required by the purpose of processing. When this period expires, your personal data will be removed from the data pool of our Company with the methods of deletion and destruction.

    Sharing Your Personal Data

    It does not share your shared data with third parties except for the purposes of communication, communication and marketing of new products issued by Ino Machinery, provided that it is obliged by law in any way.