Ino Machinery was established in 2010, to realize user experiences and requests to offer new solutions to manufacturers.
    Since 2015, With the brands who has represented, it has proven itself with the product and performance quality of domestic manufacturing machines and still continues its manufacturing activities in its factory in Kestel – Bursa.

    Ino is manufacturing ALU&PVC Profile and Panel Processing Machinery for machining of architectural profiles used in windows doors and curtain walls, industrial profiles which are used in automotive, bus, aviation, furniture, home applience and similar sectors, and machining of ALU Composite Panels, HPL and Aluminium Panels.

    İno aims to save time and labor together with the production of quality materials with machines produced with advanced technology and helps industrialists to establish a competitive advantage.

    Our Mission

    To serve in the building and industrial manufacturing sector in a way that enables its stakeholders to be quality and fast, saves labor and time and increase their competitiveness.

    Our Vision and Corporate Values

    Innovation: Innovative strategies are key to change and development. With this principle, Ino Machinery works to make a difference and not afraid of creating new strategies with a dynamic team in order to develop existing services and to design innovative products suitable for user experience and benefit.

    Clearness: With our qualified human resources and advanced technology equipment, we give our employees freedom of thought during the production phase and share all our possibilities for advanced production. We keep our stakeholders informed about all of our processes.

    Consistency: One of our most important goals and priorities is to satisfy our customers sustainable with internationally recognized advanced technology equipment.

    Motivation: By seeing the big picture and keeping customer satisfaction as the main goal, we work as a highly motivated, responsible, dynamic and innovative team.

    Research and Development: We develop CNC processing technologies and aim to be a pioneer with our farsighted production planning so that they can be domestic production and use manufacturing methods that can enrich and save.

    Work safety: Worker health and safety is no longer an option but a must. İno fulfills all its obligations that must be applied in accordance with human values and laws.

    Support: Our service structure, which was created to meet customer service and support requests in a qualified and competent manner, is based on the logic of taking quick action.