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AS 456 Aluminium Corner Crimping Machine

AS 456 Aluminium Corner Crimping Machine

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Corner Press Machines

Corner press machines for joining aluminum profile corners are an important part of manufacturing processes. Corner joining operations of different sizes carried out quickly and easily thanks to these machines. The common feature of these machines is that they provide the opportunity to easily assemble profile corners even in large sizes. The hydraulic and pneumatic systems with special cutting blades they use maintain the micrometric adjustment measure of the position. In addition, pressing at the desired printing value is another important advantage. It is possible to prevent loss of time and efficiency in combining aluminum profile corners with the corner press machine that you will supply at an affordable price for your business.

Aluminum Corner Press Machine

Today, rapidly developing technological opportunities have increased the technical possibilities in the range of corner pressing machines. Corner pressing, which used to take longer time and require more effort, is now possible to do effortlessly. Corner joining works in aluminum joinery require high precision. As a matter of fact, the fact that aluminum is an easily processable material attracts great attention in the manufacturing sector. However, the quality of corner joining in finished profiles seriously affects the success of the project. Thanks to the aluminum corner press machines with advanced features, it is possible to carry the production quality to the highest level. The technical equipment and special systems used by these machines minimize operator errors. In this way, it is possible to use the finished profiles for many years without any problems.

Some standard parts are available in aluminum corner press machines. For example, side adjustment levers are used to align the frame. Before making corner pressing, it is necessary to create the corner by placing aluminum parts in the profile. Right and left side tables make it easy to create corners. The rear jaw of the machine performs corner pressing. Two-pedal control units increase operator control over the profile on one hand. On the other hand, it provides more effective protection against work accidents. The head group carrying the cutting universal blades has the necessary features to avoid damage to the profile surfaces. The pedal kit serves to operate the machine. These machines have systems that can be adjusted in several axes. The adjustment mechanism helps to press different types of profiles.

In aluminum profiles, the corner joining process is mainly carried out by the compressive force of hydraulic pistons. But the press knives must comply with the profile height. These adjustments are critical in corner pressing. Thanks to the adjustable blades, there is no need to use different corner press machines for pressing in different sizes. The main task of vertical pneumatic pistons is to tighten the profile. Horizontal clamping units ensure smooth placement and blocking of profiles. The main function of the hydropneumatic miter rest unit is to facilitate the movement of the frames. Thus, the alignment of the aluminum profiles remains constant during pressing. Pneumatic clamping processes ensure the synchronous movement of the pressing head in sleeve systems. In combination with the hydropneumatic locking system, the press knife set adapts more easily to series changes.

Reasonable Price and High Quality for Aluminum Corner Press Machines

Cutter blades and control systems are important in aluminum profile cutting and pressing works. As a matter of fact, the head group and other systems that carry the knives affect the success of the work. The wear of the vertical pistons that compress the profile over time means a loss of performance for corner press machines. What’s more, the machine you are using has the ability to easily adjust for different types of profiles, reducing your workload. You should pay special attention to these points before buying a corner press machine for your production activities. When shopping, you should not decide only by looking at the price, you should not be deceived by the prices of second-hand products.

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