CNC Profile Machining

INO XP 7000 3 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

INO XP 7000 3 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

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INO XC 2000 34 3 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

INO XC 2000 34 3 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

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CNC Profile Machining Centers

Cnc Profile Machining Centers designed for machining aluminum and PVC profiles and light metals. These centers machine aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, IPE, PVC, pure aluminum, and similar metal workpieces at high speed and quality. With the models of CNC machining centers that can work in 3, 4 or 5 axes with servo motor control, it is possible to perform numerous operations such as cutting, engraving, drilling, milling, and threading. These centers, which offer solutions for different machining requirements, save the company from having to purchase multiple machines. They ensure greater efficiency and quality in business processes. The profile machining processes are simplified by state-of-the-art solutions. 

Until recently, semi-automatic machines  used in the machining of aluminum and PVC profiles. In these machines, each phase of the work process controlled by the operator. Since the settings made manually, it was necessary to enter the commands manually. As in every branch of industry, technological development in this field has also made itself felt over time. Thus, the mechanical cutting machines gradually replaced by NC, PLC and CNC-controlled machines. The most important developments took place in the field of CNC machine systems. These computer-controlled machines were based on a completely new production technology. Universal lathes and milling machines  replaced over time by CNC profile machining centers and other machines. 

The transition from traditional machines to CNC machine types has witnessed different stages. First, external digital measuring systems became internal. Thanks to this, productivity and quality increased. Then the cutting and sizing axes entered the machine memory. When automated machines were integrated with computer programs, production errors decreased. The special programs used by the machines prevented accounting errors. Later, single-head or double-headed CNC cutting machines were produced. Thus, it was possible to make automatic cuts on different axes. In addition, profile loading and unloading operations have become fully automated. Sectoral developments accelerated with new model CNC cutting machines and prices. As Ino Makine, we also took our own actions in this process. We offered our users the opportunity to benefit from brand-new technologies in their manufacturing processes. 

What are the Benefits of CNC Profile Machining Centers?

Today, computer-aided automation systems are used in production processes in many areas. So much so that we see CNC machines and systems in many areas from the smallest contract workshops to the most advanced industrial production facilities. As a matter of fact, it is possible to perform many different operations with the new model CNC machining center products. For example, in a single CNC machining center, it is possible to perform many different milling operations such as cluttering, drilling, scraping, door and window handle and lock slot opening. Or it is not necessary to use different machines for operations such as accustoming the heads of dimensioned profiles and opening screw places. With good quality CNC profile machining centers, it is possible to complete all these processes quickly, easily and with zero errors. In general, we can say that the benefits of these centers are as follows. 

  • Saves the business from the need to supply different machines. It provides the possibility of processing different types of metals and other materials with the same product.
  • It is the only permanent solution that saves space in the facility. It reaches maximum work capacity in minimum space. It increases the mass production potentials of the enterprise.
  • Reduces the need for human labor. And minimizes operator errors. The processes on CNC machine tools proceed with high precision. 
  • Saves time and energy in planning production processes. The fact that CNC systems have the opportunity to work 24/7 without interruption carries productivity to the highest point. 
  • CNC profile machining centers work with special program codes. No new programming is required for repetitive operations. Thus, production quality is maintained and time loss is prevented. No time loss occurs with gauges and similar components.
  • Reduces the production cost since there is no need for mold or stencil in the manufacturing process. And it makes it easy to make changes to the workpiece. With a small update to the program, production continues with the same quality.

CNC Machining Center Types

Differences in manufacturing processes lead to the differentiation of CNC machining center types. In this context, it is possible to make different classifications under different headings. For example, CNC aluminum profile machining center is CNC machining center designed for aluminum profile system manufacturing. These products can also handle PVC profile. On some models, the cutting feature is available as standard or optional. CNC PVC profile machining center is designed to process only PVC profile. Some models of these centers also perform cutting operations. CNC industrial metal processing center is a type of CNC machine that can process the thickest aluminum and light steel workpieces, except aluminum and PVC profiles. CNC vertical machining center is a type of product intended for heavy industry. JIH-I brand is a conventional CNC machining center. 

The CNC router panel machining center provides panel cutting of any type of metal, composite, wood or plastic structure. It also performs the process of dimensioning and grouting the panels. On the other hand, CNC aluminum composite panel sizing machines are also important. In composite panel machining, these centers are a better choice. In terms of efficiency, double-station CNC profile machining centers are more advantageous. Because these centers offer equal manufacturing capacity to the operation of two machines with the same characteristics. The most common areas of use are aluminum profiles. In addition, steel profiles, brass profiles, and other profiles are the most common profiles we encounter in these centers. 

Ino Machinery CNC Cutting Machines

For enterprises that want to make mass production for large projects, Ino Machine CNC cutting machines are the most suitable tools. Our products are in the form of 3-axis, 4 axis and 5-axis CNC cutting machines. We have specially developed our 3 + 1 axis CNC machining center model with new-generation technologies for manufacturing works for façade applications. Our XP series CNC machine models have 4 and 7-meter CNC machines. The tool holder option is between 5 and 8. Thanks to these features, it provides maximum work capacity in minimum space. It gives the business a competitive advantage over similar products. Another important feature of this machine is that it is one of the rare CNC machining center models that can process the widest profiles of double stations. In this way, it increases the mass production potential of the enterprise. 

In CNC cutting machines, cutting angles and dimensions, cutting speed, time, and other parameters are realized in full automation thanks to the commands loaded on the machine. The task of the operator is to load the profile only at certain intervals after the first start. The cleaning of metal dust or chip particles formed during cutting is carried out automatically thanks to the air assembly. In addition, the process of collecting discarded parts takes place automatically. In this way, the pieces do not jump left and right. There is no risk to occupational health and safety. Moreover, CNC cutting machines offer operators the opportunity to optimize their cutting work. Profile cutting takes place smoothly and without burrs with high precision. 

Common Features of Ino Machinery CNC Machining Center Models

Before making a purchase for CNC profile machining centers, it is necessary to make some comparisons with other machine types. When the comparison is made in terms of product/brand diversity, the number of sales and technical service quality in the CNC machining center category, we are the sector leader by far with the kindness of our industrialists. We save our industrialists from investing in a large number of machines that become obsolete in a short time, creating spare parts shortages and high maintenance costs. Generally speaking, the common features of our products are as follows. 

  • Automatic tool-changing units and tool-changing machines that can reach up to 16 milling tool capacity, 
  • Tool change speed between 3 and 10 seconds, 
  • CNC control units of brands such as Siemens, Fanuc, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, 
  • Servo motors and additional electronic components, 
  • Double station operation feature in many models with benches longer than 6 meters,
  • Top quality tool holders and milling cutters,
  • User-friendly menu, software, and TFT touch screen, 
  • Special alloy steel-metal casting in machine bodies,
  • Design and production according to high engineering and strength calculations, 
  • Wireless connection between CNC control unit and PC,
  • Predict and optimize the processing times of materials thanks to superior software and hardware technology.

Ino Machinery CNC Profile Machining Centers

Many of our CNC machining machine models with 7 meters and longer machines at Ino Machinery have a double station working principle. In this way, we make it possible to reach a manufacturing capacity equivalent to the operation of two machines with the same characteristics. In terms of CNC machining center products and price parameters, it is possible to say the following. As Ino Makine, we offer our customers the most ideal solutions that do not shake their budgets. With machine lengths from 3 meters to 16 meters, our range of CNC profile machining centers adapts to all types of manufacturing processes, from the smallest contract workshop to industrial facilities that manufacture train cars or airframes. You can also contact us for CNC machining center/automation solutions that fit your budget. 

You are not yet late to meet Ino Machine for CNC machining center solutions that work smoothly for many years without sacrificing machining quality. With its solutions that increase product quality and capacity, you can have Ino Makine CNC profile machining centers and cutting machines with fast delivery time, reasonable prices, and payment terms. To do this, you can fill out a contact form or contact us by phone. The message you leave on the contact form is enough for our experts to reach you as soon as possible.