Ino XX 9900 – Double Bridge CNC Panel Machining Center

Product Properties

Machining 2 separate panels like 2 different machines and machining long panels like 6-8 meters with two bridges at the same time with 2 bridges.
In case on of the bridges is broken and stops, the user can work with the machine single bridge and double stations.
It works both as a single machine or 2 different machines.
There are 2 separate bridges but 1 controller.
There are safety sensors on both bridges to prevent from the crash and also on software side there are limits so that the bridges will not meet at the same point.

Machine Dimensions

Net dimension: 9.570 X 2.430 X 2.400 mm.
Packing dimension: 10.970 X 1.850 X 2.000 mm.
Weight: 5.500 Kgs.

Profile Machining Software

It works with a customized software for panel processing that is designed by “INO” software team.
Our program called CamBOX provides great convenience to the drawing responsibles in the company in the processing of all kinds of panels that are used in the construction industry.
Operations such as machining optimization, tool path optimization, waste piece optimization and determination of tool paths can be done via CamBOX by directly importing the DXF drawings of the panels into the software interface and identifying the different types of machining lines on the panels as different planes.
By entering the sizes of the waste pieces in the production, an optimization list can be created with all waste pieces included if necessary.
Special macros for the composite panel, HPL (Compact Laminate) and Aluminum sheets are already available in the standard version.
New macros can be created according to customer demand.
Not only the macros, but also the buttons, the tool identification, to screen orientation and similar tools can be modified for each customer in case needed.
CamBOX is a great solution for processing any kind of panel dedicated for the construction industry.

Machining Dimensions

Net processing length: 8.000 mm. / 10.000 mm.
Net processing iwdth: 1.600 / 2.100 mm.
Net processing height: 300 mm.

Main Body

Electrowelded steel structure normalized with thermal treatment.
The main body of the machine is processed in 5 Axis CNC Steel Machining Center.
All the body is painted with powder coating.
Mostly all the mechanical pieces are die-casted and machined in our own CNC machining centers.
During the design period our design team prioritize the operators ease of use and ergonomy of the machines in the first place.
We don’t only use steel and aluminium in the mechanical structure; but we also use fiberglass casted pieces to decrease the weight of the machining bridge and give the machine a more esthetic look.


There are 2 alternatives for this machine:
1) The two spindles each 5.5 kW and 18.000 rpm with ER-32 tool holders and available with manual tool changer.
2) The spindle has a power of 7,5 kW 24.000 rpm ISO 30 tooling and an automatic tool changer magazine of 6 positions. Thanks to the frequency inverter it is possible to adjust the rpm between 0 to 24.000.

Tool Changer Magazine

Linear type magazine placed under the bridge of the machine with 6 positions with ISO 30 or optionally HSK F-63 tool holders.

Electrical Box and Controller Terminal

There is a separate electrical box that is mostly placed at the back of the machine with wheels under the cabinet.
Plus there is a user terminal also with wheels and with a PC on it; connected to the electrical cabinet via 1 Ethernet cable that has a length of 5 meters.
The operator can move the user terminal independently. Optionally it is possible to connect A/C on the electrics box.
On the user terminal, there are keyboard, mouse, handwheel and a button set composed of on/off button, start button, axis moving buttons, feedrate regulator and emergency button.

Axis features

For each bridge: 2 pieces X-Axis – servo motors + planetary gearbox – moving on helical rack and pinion that is supported by linear guides.
Axis speed 70 m./min.
Y- Axis – servo motor + planetary gearbox – moving on helical rack and pinion that is supported by linear guides.
Axis speed 60 m./min.
Z- Axis – servo motor – moving on screw mill with a diameter of 25 mm and 25 pitch geared by coupling 1/1 ratio.
Axis speed 25 m./min.

Standard Equipment

Dust extraction system with the steel and siliconized pipes.
Vacuum table with 2 pieces 305 m3 vacuuming pumps.
Automatic determination of the vacuum chamber via the CNC.
7,5 kw 24.000 rpm ISO 30 high speed spindle has an automatic tool changer magazine with 6 positions placed under the bridge.
Or 5.5 kW spindle for double spindle version.
Automatically operating reference pins 8 pieces.
3D CAD-CAM software CamBOX.
Automatic tool length measurement device.
15” TouchPanel HMI.

Optional Accessories

Pulse spray mist coolant system.
Air-conditioning unit.
8.5 kW 24.000 rpm HSK F-63 tool holders.
Tools and Collets.

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