INO Machinery at Aluminium 2022 Fair Düsseldorf

    INO Machinery at Aluminium 2022 Fair Düsseldorf

    Aluminium 2022 Fair, one of the world’s leading trade fairs, will host the important players of the sector this year as it does every year. Manufacturers, suppliers and end consumers from more than 100 countries will come together at the exhibition, which will be held with the participation of companies serving in the aluminum industry. As Ino Machinery, we will take our place in Aluminium 2022. In this way, we will introduce our products to our visitors and experience the happiness of coming together with them.

    Aluminium 2022 Exhibition

    If you serve in the aluminum industry, you should definitely follow the Aluminum Fair. Because this fair is already one of the largest B2B platforms in the sector. Companies serving in fields such as automotive, mechanical engineering, construction, aviation, electronics, packaging and transportation around the world have the opportunity to come together every year thanks to the Aluminum Fair and evaluate the changes in the sector.

    A nice surprise awaits visitors this year within the scope of the fair. All visitors will be able to attend the Aluminium Conference free of charge. During the conference, many aluminum-related issues will be discussed. For example, the opportunities of aluminum in terms of the circular economy will be one of these issues. New emerging opportunities in aluminum technologies will also be on the agenda. This will lead to brainstorming about how aluminium will play a role in the smart cities of the future. We recommend you to follow the conference to be informed about these issues.

    Aluminium in a Sustainable World

    It is estimated that by 2050, more than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. In this context, natural life cycles will be very important. The importance of smart and environmentally friendly systems in cities will increase. In this process, we can say that the interest in aluminum will also increase. We can imagine that in the next 30 years, aluminum will be more at the forefront of building facades and windows, in the production of all kinds of machinery, and in other industrial applications.

    As is known, vehicles made of aluminum are much lighter. Moreover, these tools help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this respect, aluminum is a very useful metal in preventing global climate change. It is possible to make industrial areas environmentally friendly with machines and tools made of aluminum.

    You can make an active contribution to these changes by giving aluminum more space in your living and working areas. Because the possibilities of aluminum in terms of natural life cycles are really high. If you visit the exhibition stand of Ino Machinery, which acts with this awareness, we will be happy to share our solutions with you.

    Why Ino Machinery?

    • We promote the use of aluminium for a sustainable world.
    • We offer solutions that make a difference in the aluminum industry with our machines produced with advanced technology.
    • We meet the machine solutions needed by construction, white goods, medical and other sectors.
    • We produce aluminum and PVC profile processing machines for heavy industry.
    • We help industrialists gain a competitive advantage.
    • We provide the opportunity to save time and labor.

    To meet at the Aluminium 2022 Fair in Düsseldorf on 27-29 September…

    Aluminium 2022 Düsseldorf