Common Questions

    What Should Be Considered When Buying CNC Profile Machining Center?

    CNC machine choice should be made according to the length, width and height of the profile to be processed. Care should be taken to ensure that the spare parts of the preferred machine are easily available from the market and that there is service.

    What is Double Station Working Principle (Feature)?

    Thanks to the double station working technology used in some of our CNC panel – profile processing center models, it offers the opportunity to place, process, or cut 2 aluminum composite panels / aluminum profiles at the same time. While the machine processes the first panel and continues to process the second panel, the first panel allows space to be evacuated and replaced with a new untreated panel. In this way, the machine works without stopping and the time lost in the panel loading – unloading phases is prevented; this also applies to profile machining centers. CNC machining centers with double station technology increase the panel – profile processing capacity of enterprises by at least 50% compared to standard CNC router machining centers.

    What Are The Products That Can Be Processed With CNC Machines?

    Aluminum Profile, PVC Profile, MDF and similar wooden materials, Aluminum Composite Panel, Stainless Steel Composite Panel, Titanium Composite Panel, Acrylic Panel, Compact Panel, Styrofoam, Plastic and Copper Based Products can be processed with CNC controlled cutting machines or machining centers.

    CNC Composite Panel Sizing – Processing Machines Which Length Should Be Taken?

    Firms that manufacture facade joinery within their own structure can meet all their needs with 3.5 or 4 meters long machines. However, it would be more correct for companies that process contract composite panels to prefer panel processing machines with a double station working principle and 6.5 meters of CNC workbench due to the production intensity.

    What is the Advantage of Double Spindle Feature in CNC Panel Machining Centers?

    In CNC machine models working with a single spindle, it is necessary to use the tool change magazine for different milling tools or manually change the milling insert for each different operation, which causes time loss in production processes. But in CNC panel machining centers with double spindle technology – components, the double milling motor (spindle) integrated side by side on the bridge works sequentially, one of them performs the second head cutting – after finishing the work. In this way, production capacity/speed is increased especially in the production of facade cladding panel systems, and enterprises save time and energy.

    What is Intelligent Vacuum System?

    It is the technology of automatic determination and control of vacuum areas instead of manually controlling the vacuum table compartments used in our CNC panel processing centers (with valves – buttons). For example, there are no problems such as panel sizing, or decrease in joint quality, scraping of material due to wrong or incomplete vacuum zone selection. Thus, the margin of error caused by the operator is reduced to zero.

    Is It Necessary to Purchase a Vacuum Motor Stand for CNC Machines?

    In order for the vacuum motor to work under more suitable conditions, to provide long-lasting service and to obtain maximum efficiency, we recommend the use of the specially manufactured vacuum motor stand, which we offer as an option.

    What Should Be Considered When Choosing CNC Router?

    Businesses should pay attention to the type and quality of the motor used in the machine first in their CNC Router selection for their production lines. CNC machines with servo motors should be preferred for fast and high-quality production and long machine life. The same torque value can be obtained at different speeds in servo motor CNC machines. In three-axis CNC routers, the Z-axis servo should be braked in order to avoid problems in power cuts in enterprises that do not have a UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

    What Is The Meaning Of The Word Rigid Used In The Descriptions Of CNC Machines?

    The origin of the word rigid is English – rigit, and its full equivalent in Turkish is hard – rigidity. While describing the properties and working processes of CNC machines, rigid or stiffness words – definitions are used to express that the machine components have sufficient hardness/strength in the machining of even the hardest metals. For example, in a CNC Panel Machining Center, in order to cut or join the pure aluminum sheet, the machine body, the slides that allow the parts to move, the cutter piercing milling blades, the knives are connected, respectively, the high strength of the collet – tool holder – spindle motor, the spindle motor – the spindles are sufficient. it must have high speed and torque. Here, the word rigid is used to express the competence, strength, and resistance to this processing process.